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Void RGB Elite Wireless Voice Prompts


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There have been several posts over the last couple of years about this topic, with seemingly no solution, but as those are old topics, I'm starting a new one. 

So here is the issue. I have a set of the headphones in the topic above. When I first installed them a few months back, everything was working fine. Then there was a firmware update for the headphones v.0.08 and I hadn't updated my iCue software in years because every time I do, something breaks. But this one time, I decided to update and what happens....stuff breaks. I don't know if it was the firmware update or software update, but now my voice prompts are not working. 

I have done a soft reset of the headphones, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the headset, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the iCue software. I have done multiple iCue and PC restarts. NOTHING has fixed the issue. So I guess the question is, is Corsair ever going to fix this issue? I'd really like a resolution to my problem.

EDIT: Using iCue software 4.16.194

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