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Lighting node and icue issues.

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I have recently upgraded my cooling in my rig to include a custom loop and as part of that i had to install a commander pro and a second lighting node to control all the lights, when I put in the custom loop to replace the old amd stock cooler, I to the chance to tidy up the wiring a bit more. when i finished installing the pump and CPU block to icue in noticed that my first lighting node core was missing, thinking it was the usb I've install a NZXT hub to make sure that was not an issue. I have reinstalled icue and checked the wiring on the second core but it still isn't showing up on icue. but confusingly I have found it on the windows USB in the control panel. feel like I have missed something hear. could anyone help please. 



windowsusbsetting .jpg

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All of your internal USB devices should be on the powered hub.  Don't use the Commander Pro passthrough ports.  They are not powered and that is the issue on AMD boards.

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at first I did have them both connected to the commander pro but once I found that one wasn't showing up I connected one to the motherboard to see if it worked, should of known then it was the commander pro's  usb hubs. I've since got a NZXT usb hub and connected everything via that. also found that windows had disabled one of the lighting core's had to reenable it manually and its now appearing up in Icue with out any issues. 


not sure why windows would disable one of the core but never the less, everything seems to be running smoothly since I've installed the nzxt hub, think maybe corsair is missing out on a quick buck hear haha. 

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