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I have the Corsair 680x case and a H115i Elite Capellix, modified to have 3 QL120's on the front and 2 QL140's on the bottom. With a QL140 on the rear and 2 QL140's on the cooler. Can someone take a look at my fan speeds to make sure everythings as should be? For a gaming profile I setup fixed RPM profiles so that the QL120's hit 1500rpm and QL140's at 1250rpm. For some reason though the QL140's on the cooler only get 500-800rpm with the quiet, balanced and extreme profiles. Can anyone tell me what RPM I should set the pump speed and 2 fans manually? Bit worried that my wiring configuration has resulted in the fan speed being halved (I have the capellix QL140's going directly into the commander core, with the commander core usb going to the commander pro). Yet the coolant temp always sits around 30c which makes me think this RPM is intended? Thanks!

Case Fans.PNG




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Fan speed is pretty much a noise tolerance thing. If you keep them off or pinned at the minimum it will cost you noticeably. However, +-150 rpm likely makes little difference. Most 120mm fans have minimal effect under 750 rpm and have a good noise to performance sweet spot in 1200-1500 rpm range. Noise levels will change based on proximity, case design, etc. and it’s rarely worth getting into the annoyance zone for -1C. 

For the AIO, if you create a custom curve, change the sensor to H115i Elite Temp, and then choose one of the preset shape tools in the corner you can recreate the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets with visible and editable data points. Even if you change nothing, at least you can see how it works. 140mm fans have a different noise zone. 1000 rpm is where most people will notice them. By 1300 they are pretty loud and that’s max speed anyway. 

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