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Corsair Virtuoso SE 2.4Ghz WLAN Channel

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Hi there guys,

I recently bought a pair of Corsair Virtuoso SE everything is great, but I'm been having an small issue when using the 2.4Ghz Wireless Connection.

I sometimes get interference from 2.4Ghz devices around my house, which distorts and breaks the sound quality at certain times. Specifically.

- My modem is pretty close to my room.
- Certain devices like first gen Smart TVs, Wifi Cameras, Wifi Lights.

I wanted to know on which WLAN channel do Corsair Virtuoso 2.4Ghz run in (if possible to know), in other to adjust my modem on a non-overlapping WLAN Channel in order to reduce the interference I might experience.

I appreciate any help you could provide.


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