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I bought first wirelss headset then yellow rgb and then next hs wireless set. I am disappointed


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I was so impressed with first wireless headset came out. I thought it was best sound and comfort. But it had plastic adjustment issue.

Sound was good

Void RB pro and Hs60 wireless sound was like i hear sound from well. No bass No clarity. 

Then they have this PIECE OF JUNK **** GARBAGE POOP software called ICUE. (just downloaded latest)

Man o man. It freezed whole computer with 16GB ram.

This is more than terrible.

I Uninstalled it now. But i am angry in that i spend my money on corsair because i had first impression of their headset.

Its like watching NIGHT SHYMALAN movie and expecting this time it would be different and got mugged royally.

I want corsair separate audio driver from ICUE software. Its no point  to have that bloated stuff installed.

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