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It's taken me quite some time and muster to consider even writing a post on the forums regarding the build quality of recent Corsair products, but here I am and perhaps some of you will share the same frustrations I have. 

Recently I've owned two Corsair mice that within twelve weeks were defective due to double clicking (from only a singular click) that had to be returned and ultimately, I just gave up on. 

Now I have went through the product lines of Corsair keyboards, most specifically the K95 RGB Platinum that seems to have a resounding issue with the space bar. Lets get this straight, I've had company keyboards that can perform as they need to for multiple years with little defection, even mice. Why is this such a common occurrence and it is a common occurrence when you can search to see similar purchasers have similar experiences.

Corsair are going downhill with build quality and in my opinion quality assurance. 

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Corsair Support is can be contacted through the main website and is private correspondence. This is the user forums where other users can help with problems or general information. You don’t seem to be asking for help, but wished to express your displeasure with the products. There’s not much troubleshooting we can do for you and the above suggested you have returned the products. 

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