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Dark Core PRO SE USB 2.4 dongle not automatically connecting....

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So I have a really wierd situation, my dongle and my mouse should be in the latest firmware.

So my wireless does work, but everytime i restart my laptop, although icue shows my mouse & dongle is connected... moving my mouse doesn't do anything.  even if the LED is on.  i have to manually unplug the usb dongle and plug it back in for the mouse to work (move).

Any know what is up?

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Hey @NagiChan I just had a similar issue, so I have been using the wire for months. BUT TODAY I FIXED IT. I went into the ICUE software and paired the dongle. Go to the dongle in icue and you should see a screen like the one bellow. Once there if it's the same issue as mine you can click the light grey pair button. Follow the steps and you should be all set! (Mine is blacked out since I fixed it) 

Does that help? 

Screenshot 2021-12-02 192800.jpg

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