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HS80 RGB WIRELESS constant buzzing in left ear cup.


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I recently bought HS80 headphones, but they seem to have extremely annoying problem with buzzing in left ear cup. It is a constant, high pitched sound which can only be heard when device is in wireless mode. When connected with USB cable, the sound cannot be heard at all. Because of this, I think it might be some kind of software issue because headphones obviously have ability to not produce that annoying sound. I already tried every possible solution I could find online, but no luck. Those include:

-Reinstalling Icue

-Reinstalling firmware

-Enabling/disabling sidetone

-Removing and reinstalling audio drivers from windows

-Soft resetting the headphones

-Using different USB slot for wireless adapter


Any other  things I could try? I am completely disappointed with these, because they are not so cheap and problem like this one is not expected...

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Hey, I just sign up for this post. 

I have same problem. Just left ear cup has that white noise problem, also its only exist in wireless mode. There is no sound in wired mode.

Updated icue, dongle and HS80 but no luck. 

I hope we can get response form Corsair or I have to return my HS80.

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