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Brand new m65 wireless mouse's left mouse button does not function. A few things I've tried:

  • bluetooth, wireless/dongle, cord
  • reseting mouse
  • reinstalling iCue
  • reinstalling drivers
  • trying on another computer

All other mouse buttons work and the device is detected by iCue. But this main left mouse button is non-functional making me think the device is DOA.

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I have bought the wired version, used for less than 20 hours and the left click stopped working. It goes back to work after few hours but then just stops again. Tried everything that you mentioned and still not working. I have raised a ticket in order to find out what is going on (Truly believe that this is a software issue). Anyway I have also requested Amazon to send me a new one and I will post this one back to them. I really like this mouse but honestly I am already convinced that I will have the same issue with the new one that will be delivered. Just thinking what Corsair will have to say or do about it, all the other versions of this mouse had this type of issue after some time using it but this one it was supposed to work perfectly as they already had many complaints on the past. Still waiting for their response, and actually my comment here is not to alert people not to buy it, is just to share my experience. (I would rate this mouse 10/10 if that had not happen). Anyway, hopefully they will find a way to fix this problem. I can not wait to continue gaming with it because it was great!!

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I have the same issue. Opened a ticket but no answer yet.


Just purchased the M65 wireless, love this mouse. After a few hours the left mouse button is completely dead. The rest works 100%. 130 euro + frustration. Quite expensive. Will send back and wait for a replacement. 

Corsair? Time for some quality inspection. 

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Just got the wired version of this mouse, cos I loved my M65 Pro so much! Unbox it, plug it in… right button no worky! Have done all the same trouble shooting etc, soft reset blah blah (which never seems to do anything) have submitted a ticket, waiting to here back before I just return it to the store and get a refund

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