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Corsair commander pro/Ek Quantum FLt 360 res and EK Velocity rgb cpu block led querry


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Hi guys,

I have nearly finished my 1000D build and i am in the final stages.

Could anybody offer any advice on conecting the Ek Quantum Flt 360 rgb res and Ek Velocity rgb cpu block to the comander pro.

I have the standard  3 pin rgb conection on the 2 mentioned above   and 3 pin rgb to corsair 2 pin leads x 2.

Could i conect the 2 parts with a 2 way splitter then into the corsair conversion cable in the pic below to the led port 2 on the com pro or will it be to many leds power wise.

I have a second com pro plugged in so could put them into led 1 and led 2 seperatly with the same cables.

Also could i ask ....which fan port on the 1000d com pro ver should the Ek pump 4 pin cable go into please.





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  • Corsair Employees

We do not support those products to be connected to the Commander Pro and for them to be controlled via iCUE. If you are utilizing third-party adapter cables to achieve those connections then you will need to reach out to whoever you purchased the adapter cables for guidance. 


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the velocity is 20 LEDs and the FLT has 21. that's as many as 4 corsair strips, plus one led.

directly powered by the copro it should be just fine.

if you set the channel as 2 strips (on the splitter, they will both play the same effect) you will lose the topmost led of the reservoir.

Or set them as 3 strips and they will all light up but will lag a little at looping effects.


For the pump connect it preferably on the CoPro that has the water temperature sensor. this way, if you vary pump speed with temperature, it will still work if iCUE isn't running.

It needs to be in port 6 only if you want to use the hydroX assistant. if you make your own custom curves, which you should do 🙂 you can plug the pump to any port.

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Thank you LeDoyen  for your valuable info.

Could i plug the res and cpu block using the 2 x standard rgb to corsair led conversion cable in the pic and plug them into led 1 and 2 on the com pro. Then plug the  corsair xg7 gpu led cable to the 2nd com pro led channel 2 



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