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Good afternoon all!

I have just purchased the corsair virtuoso headset and cannot believe there is no battery level meter anywhere in the iCue app or as standard without the software...
You have the option to display a battery charge indicator but it literally ONLY shows the charging symbol, and has NO indication of full charge or a standard battery percentage reading - which is ridiculous so I have absolutely no idea how long my headset will last.

Please can someone point out a fix for this or Corsair please add an update that includes this or will have to return the product for a more reliable competitor.

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You should be able to add battery status to the CUE dashboard and most also can be added to the Windows task bar. However, this will be listed as a general low/medium/high indicator and not as a percentage. It’s not a $1200 cell phone. Unfortunately while charging it will only show the charging symbol and not indicate when it has reached maximum capacity. That is something that could be addressed. 

As for hours of use before requiring recharge, you have to try the timeless technique of use and see. Also, the software will ping you when the battery requires a charge. 

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Thank you but you just literally re-stated what I have already said..... I have a £25 pair of wireless headphones that have a percentage battery meter and can state hours of use before charge so that statement about 'not being an expensive phone' is utter rubbish and a completely invalid comparison - so that can be removed from the narrative, its just laziness. ALL of the issues can be addressed with software updates, I'm amazed this hasn't had more feedback.

I do appreciate the reply however, thank you for taking the time to get back to me 🙂

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On 10/19/2021 at 4:07 AM, Matt_Blake said:

Thank you but you just literally re-stated what I have already said

If you think I have restated your post, read it again.  Pointing out a feature you have missed and agreeing with one of your points is not restating it.  There is a battery meter.  You have to add it.  If you are staring at the percentage on your peripherals all day long you are not using them in the right way, but I think you made my point about the cell phone perfectly.  Hopefully you can come to terms with the world.

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