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So unimpressed with this keyboard

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So I bought a K70 Mk.2 a couple of years ago and it's been nothing but trouble.

From the outset, the CUE software was a disaster and just crashes my machine so I gave up any hope of using that). The keyboard also feels nowhere near as solid as a far older Ducky I have at work and just feels 'rattley' by comparison.

Over the last year or so I've started getting issues with repeated keystroke or 'bounce' as I believe it's called.

Now, my spacebar has started 'jamming', where one side of it sticks down and it becomes unresponsive.  Taking it off, it looks like the two side 'post' things or dummy switches or whatever they're called have dropped down. I can lift them up with a finger nail but then they just drop down. Should these be up and spring loaded like an actual key switch? Any way of repairing them if so?

I used to be a devoted Corsair fan and have bought a lot of their kit over the years but I'm done now and will never buy this cheap rubbish again.

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