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How to program Corsair One Pro A200 LEDs


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Currently, I have the 8 LEDs programmed to change color based on CPU temperature, as shown below:


I would like to program each LED individually. For example, LED 1 for CPU temperature, LED 2 for GPU temperature, LED3 for SSD temperature, etc. Can someone please explain how I can do that with iCUE?

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I have figured it out. This is what I have done:

1. Have 5 layers of temperature lighting types.

2. For each layer, create a "Quick Lighting Zone" by selecting the corresponding LED(s), the sensor, and the color temperature range.

As a result, I have the following color scheme:

1. LEDs 1 and 5 correspond to CPU temp.

2. LEDs 2 and 6 correspond to GPU temp.

3. LEDs 3 and 7 correspond to SSD temp.

4. LED 4 corresponds to CPU coolant temp.

5. LED 8 corresponds to GPU coolant temp.


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