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AX1200i turns off when booting

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I've had my psu since my first build back in 2015 and my pc encountered rebooting issue which I thought was a faulty mobo. Now I bought new cpu, mobo and ram. I setup my computer and it ran fine, I had it running for 2 days and then all of a sudden when I installed M2 ssd out of nowhere my pc started to reboot again. Pc would load right up until bios and then shut off. I tool out then psu and did the self test by plugging it into the wall outlet and holding the self test button. It worked, green light turned on and fan span up for a second. But when I put it back into my pc, just running the 24 pin and 8 pin for the cpu, the self test light went to red. This happens everytime where I must toggle then power switch on the psu to reset and power pc again. But psu always shuts off. It must be a problem with the psu since this has been occurring in 2 pc builds where I even changed out all components besides psu and gpu right?


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After a day of unsuccessfully trying to get the psu to go green, today after having psu cut off from power and doing a cold start, it was able to go green. I am honestly just confused as to why the psu is acting like this. Literally nothing changed in what I was doing. Now I am afraid to turn it off.



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