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need help

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I just downloaded the new icue software and i'm not

sure what happened but the lights on my vengeance rgb pro lights are stright red and the same with my k70 keyboard.

on the icue dashboard there is a red explanation point next to my vengeance rgb pro icon.

I don't know if my ram just went bad or if it's something else.

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Try quitting CUE from the task manager and then relaunching the app.   The (!) is not as dire as it seems.  It means it knows its there but it can't talk to it.  If that does not reset both items, go to the Windows Apps list and click on Corsair iCUE.  Select modify and follow the prompts for a repair install.  It possible it didn't install correctly and this generally cleans up weird issues.


If neither approach works, the next most common problem is interference from another RGB app -- usually motherboard software.  Try quitting that, quit CUE, then relaunch CUE only.  The problem is the motherboard RGB programs often have very deep roots and can be hard to knock off.  

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