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So I have been using an older version of Icue for a long time now and recently updated it. The reason for updating was because I could no longer import Icue profiles so I was forced to update. After updating it and looking at my new profiles I went to bed and then the next day I loaded up a YT video to watch while eating lunch. Literally within the first couple of seconds of the video I could tell something sounded "off." Thinking maybe my headset was on a different EQ preset than usual ( I use FPS Competition all the time) but that wasn't the case. So  I tried changing the preset and changing it back but no help. I tried everything suggest on the Corsair Forums like uninstalling my headset and reinstalling, uninstalling Icue and reinstalling, and nothing seems to work. I never personally changed any audio settings so I was confused what the deal was. I loaded up Cod which is my most played game to see if the audio sounded any worse in game as well and sure enough it just did not sound how it was supposed to. Its almost as if there is no base maybe, almost like everything is tone deaf. Sorry I cant really explain what is "off" about the ausio well but its clear something isn't right! Any suggestions on how to fix this please? My YT videos sound bad, its hard t hear game audio while playing, everyones mic sounds bad, it just all sounds terrible! Please help!

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I was reading your other forum post that you are using the HS35?

The headset is analog and isn't going to show up on iCUE to adjust the eq settings?

Are you sure this is the correct device? Sorry, I'm just looking for clarification on what the issue may be.

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