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Dos Driver For Usb Flash Voyager


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I would like to know if there is a DOS driver for the FLASH DRIVE? If there is. pls direct me to the link. Thanks.


In the meantime I have used the below mentioned "motto hairu" DOS Driver.

It enables the computer to see any USB FLASH DRIVE or USB HARD DRIVE in the computer. pls follow the instruction below.


I would like to know if Corsair have tested this driver to be suitable with its product?


pls advise.







Instruction :

1) Make a bootable floppy or Format a 1.44 Floppy (Note: Ensure the copy system files is checked) (I used WIN98)

2) Unzip the attachment dos.zip into this floppy file. There should be 3 files which are CONFIG.SYS, DI1000DD.SYS and USBASPI.SYS.

3) Switch OFF the computer. Plug in the FLASH drive into the computer.

4) Insert the formatted floppy with the copied files into the floppy drive.

5) POWER ON the computer.


The driver will automatically detect your USB FLASH DRIVE or USB HARD DRIVE.


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