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Hey HBerk!,


Yes the C1 can absolutely have it's GPU upgraded.  Many of us here on this forum have already upgraded similar models to yours with 3060's 3070's and even 3080's.  You might need to upgrade your Power Supply though.  I had my 450W replaced with same model but 750W Variant.

I have a fairly new 600W Model available for sale if needed just let me know.

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Yes the GPU can be upgraded for sure! It may be a bit fiddly since you have a liquid cooled GPU but going to an air cooled graphics card makes the build simpler. One thing I will highly recommend, is that if you do upgrade the GPU, to make sure you upgrade the riser cable. Unfortunately the original riser cable only supports up to PCIe gen 2 speeds. So you will need one that can support up to gen 3 or 4 so you don't have issues. I also upgraded the PSU. In my case I'm just using a 600W PSU which is enough since I don't overclock anything. 

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