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I'm planning to get a new mouse and I'm interested in the Corsair Katar Pro XT but I heard a lot of bad things about iCUE, so I'm planning to avoid it as hard as possible. 

I found out you can save iCUE profiles on the onboard memory so you don't have to keep the software running but after some research I'm not completely sure if the Katar Pro XT has this feature. In the tech specifications it says that it has one onboard memory profile but no support for macro and key remaps, I'm only interested in RGB and DPI customization so it's fine by me but I want confirmation from someone who owns this mouse about whether or not I can configure the RGB and DPI settings and save them on memory without needing to keep iCUE installed on my PC.



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As the technical specifications state it has onboard memory but not the capability to save onboard macros/remaps. The onboard memory is used for DPI settings.

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