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iCue Profile Not Affecting Lighting Node Pro

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I recently installed a commander pro with 5 fans and LED strips. The commander pro works great. No complaints, it looks amazing. However, when I went to hook up some additional lighting to a lighting node pro the profiles that affect the commander pro will not do anything to the lighting in the lighting node pro. I know I'm missing something here. How do I sync the profile for both the commander pro and the lighting node pro? The lighting node pro does show in iCue, I have a single LED strip assigned to 1 channel and I can change the lighting for it in the iCue software but I can not apply a profile for some reason to that strip.

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It looks like you may have selected the large external strips for the LS100. Go to Lighting Setup for Channel 1 and change it to “strip” x 1. It should show 10 well spaced LEDs. All those strips with measurements at the end (250mm, 450mm, etc) are a different type originally for external use.

You will need to add an effect to the lighting layers as well. You can use the lighting library like a clipboard to copy and paste effects from device to another. 

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Thanks for the response. I did change the strip to a single strip, but it did not have an impact. I am able to manually change the lighting layers and I am able to copy paste them as you say, but for whatever reason it's a completely different pattern/profile when I do this which is why I was hoping the default profile would apply to both the commander pro and the lighting node pro.

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