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Virtuoso SE Wireless wont connect Go dongle

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After Update of the icue Software and the dongle and virtuoso, ist wont connect in Wireless mode. In usb mode everything works, only Wireless is not working anymore since update. Need fast help please. Everything is on the newest Software update

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Hi Nickwwc,


Do you have the option to re-pair the mouse in iCUE? Here are instructions on how to manually re-pair the headset -- this does say it's for mice, but the instructions will also apply for your headset, just select the headset device instead of your input device, obviously. Please see the link below:



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Its a Software Problem. Since the update of the dongle the headset wont connect. Did everything what you wrote also in other forums here and everybody says that i Need the older Version of the software so please Send me a older software version of the dongle and everything will be finde. Its really frustrating that this new headset wont connect After just one week i bought it. Please Send me Software that i can downgrade it myselfe Or fix this Issue fast, everybody With the newest version of the dongle and Virtuoso headset has this problem. 

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