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Which dongle for Dark Core RGB PRO?


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Hi All,

I have a Dark Core RGB Pro mouse that stopped working. Literally weeks outside the warranty expiration. Considering it was the 5th mouse from Corsair - the first mouse was DOA, the RMA was DOA, the third RMA was DOA, the FOURTH was DOA, so they 'upgraded' me to a RGB Pro (my initial purchase was a regular non pro).  - I'm hesitant to spend any more money on it due to the high failure rate from them. But here's what's happening. The mouse seems to no longer charge. Leave it plugged into USB cable for days, and still only one bar. Multiple cables. Multiple USB ports. And it's stopped pairing via dongle, but pairs fine via BT. I don't know where I put the original dongle, but Corsair sent me 2 dongles, neither works. It's the 'longer' dongle that has the corsair logo.
BUT - reading online, the RGB pro uses slipstream dongle, no? And if I launch the Corsair iCue software, it tells me to connect the Slipstream dongle.

So do I need the Slipstream Dongle - with the S on it?

Thanks 🙂

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