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Can't get Corsair Force MP400 SSD to work in GS65 Stealth Thin -laptop. Combability issue?

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Has anyone gotten Corsair Force MP400 (NVMe M.2) to work in MSI laptops?

I have been unable to get my 4TB Corsair Force MP400 to work in my GS65 Stealth Thin (8RF-015NE) -laptop, which was bought in 2018.

I have Windows 10 installed on the laptop's original 512GB Samsung PM981 SSD (NVMe M.2, MZVLB512). The laptop goes into a bootloop, when restarting the laptop with Corsair Force MP400 SSD installed. Curiously, the laptop doesn't even boot from an USB stick, when the Corsair SSD was installed.

I believe that the Corsair SSD itself is ok, because it works fine when I plug it in my Akasa external M2 case and connect that to my laptop via USB.

My laptop should work with the Corsair SSD, at least according to the laptop's specs (PCIe gen 3).

I'm wondering if this issue might have something to do with PCIe lanes? I don't know how many PCIe lanes are required by my Corsair and Samsung NVMe SSDs, and how many lanes are supported by the laptop's SSD slots.

MSI support suggested that this is a "combability issue". They would not give any details on what kind of combability issue it could be, despite my repeated inquiries. Corsair support was also unable to solve this

We have tried various measures to get the Corsair SSD to work in the laptop: updating the BIOS, adjusting BIOS settings (disabling fast boot etc.), and swapping the slots used by the SSDs.
If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

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