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Multiple problems with my Void RGB Elite Wireless Headset


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The first problem i got is a huge lag ( 6-7 seconds ) with the audio. Like when mute/unmute myself, i hear the voice like 6 seconds after i've done it.

When i go to discord, the problem is even worse when i want to use it, there's like 40 seconds of delay and when i finally connect, my mic volume is extremely low.

And i also have a problem with a sound coming back every 2min or so ( sometimes it's like 20 seconds, sometimes more), the same sound as when you mute/unmute yourslef.

I don't know why i have this problem on my computer because on my laptop the only problem I got is a low mic volume ( not as low as on my computer ).

And the last problem i've been trhough is that the headset sometimes shut itself down.

Why from one device to another everything messes up ?

I've already had ICUE installed before getting the headset because I have other product form corsair, I've checked everything that came to my mind but I don't konw how to fix this.

I also fully charged the headset if any of you ask.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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