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More White Variants of Existing Products


Should Corsair Make More White Keyboards and Mice?  

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  1. 1. Corsair has a limited white ecosystem when it comes to Keyboards and Mice (K70 and M65 only options). Do you want Corsair to make more white models of their existing products?

    • Yes
    • No

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Often times when you build a PC, especially when you use Corsair, you are looking at building an eco-system that meshes together brilliantly. Especially if you use the iCUE software, you are looking at everything being compatible to be all controlled from one software. Corsair does a good job with its RAM modules Cases, and Case Fans for supporting all white eco-systems, however, when it comes to mice and keyboards, it's incredibly limited. For example, the only white mouse and keyboard option is the K70 keyboard and M65 mouse. Please, update your line with white variants of their black counter parts Corsair. If you agree, feel free to comment below with how you feel.

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