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iCUE PSU Power Draw

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Noticed on Radeon Software that my 6800XT power consumption is only ~30W under heavy load. When I check iCUE I can see the power in and power out of my hx750i is sitting ~200W. However im not noticing any performance issues, every game I've tested is running 4k max graphics with similar FPS to others. Running 3D mark doesnt raise any flags either with a score ~18K. Surely these power consumption values arent correct when running a Ryzen 9 5900x, ASUS Radeon 6800XT, 4x Vengeance RGB PRO sticks, Corsairs H115i Cooler and 8 QL series fans? 

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depends 🙂

not all games load the GPU the same way. Often in games, power will fluctuate a lot.

that said since the 6800 XT is a 300W "average TDP" card, i wouldn't have been surprised to see double the power you're seeing.


But again, it depends on the game


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