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CPU Coolant and GPU Coolant temperature when stressed

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What are the reasonable upper temperature for the CPU coolant and GPU coolant for A200 when it is under load?

In iCUE's Alert tab, one can set the alert coolant temperature for turning fan to max and another alert for shutting down the computers. What would you recommend for these 4 values?

1. temp for CPU coolant to trigger max fan, 2. temp for CPU coolant to trigger shutting down, 3 temp for GPU coolant to trigger max fan and 4 temp for GPU coolant to trigger shutting down 

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Hi @vett93

Typically the coolant would be at a temperature between the CPU/GPU temperature - and your ambient room temperature.

It isn't always easy to give a precise figure in these cases - as you may be located somewhere with an ambient temp of 10-15C or in a tropical "paradise" with ambients of 35C.

On a small form factor PC like this, you might expect the CPU itself to idle at ~35C and the under load to be 70-80C
Your coolant temps should then be somewhere beneath that - typically somewhere halfway between.
As an example my current system/ambient temps being ~20C Ambient ~35C Coolant, and ~55C CPU

Ultimately, the choice for your fan curve in relation to system temps would typically be to your own personal taste based on Noise vs Performance
For a quieter profile - you'd max out later (perhaps at 70C), and for better performing profiles you might set it to be Max at a lower temperature - or to just stay at max the whole time (not terribly much to gain from that though).

Hopefully this summary has been helpful!

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