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Testing H150 Elite AIO —pre-build of new system


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I plan to purchase H150i Elite 360mm AIO cooler to use in a 5000D Airflow case.  With various build parts inventory shortages, having to buy items piecemeal for a complete new system.

The H150i Elite 360 is currently on a good sale historically at a vendor, but I’ll likely have it leave it unused until after the store return policy deadline before I can get all other components purchased to start a full build.

Advice sought:  1) How solid are these AIOs to hopefully not have any issues if buy now and install later past store returns deadline?  

2) I assume I can test the Fans/LEDs using an existing desktop system with iCue software if I buy and want to check those out pre-install of my new build.  Since the cooler is a sealed/closed loop, is it easy to test that the pump is working ok without doing a CPU install event and not adversely impact it?  

Thanks for advice.


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1) It's been out coming up on a year.  Mechanical failures are not reported often.  Most issues we've seen are controller or simple wiring failures.  

2) You can jack the SATA plug in back of your current system and let it sit on the desk.  That will be a very easy check if the pump is functional.  If you want to check fan RGB functionality, you can plug in the USB 2 connector (internal) or use a USB A adapter to jack in the back.  That will put the controller into the system.  Can't remember any DOA fans from this kit.

Be aware on the Elite series the pump gets its power, control, and RGB info along a special wide cable attachment for the side of the Commander Core controller.  You will need that connected in order to power the pump.  This then changes what you see in CUE from a Commander picture to the AIO pump face picture.  

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