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Hi all,

As of yesterday I noticed that as long as my Nexus companion screen is plugged into my computer the ICUE software crashes.

I found some topics in the legacy forums but no clear solutions.

Anyone here with some input?


My ICUE version is 4.15.153

I have no idea what the firmware version is of the Nexus companion, as I can not see it.

It was up to date last time I checked.

Thanks in advance.



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It shouldn’t be doing that and I have not seen any recent Nexus based issues. Go to CUE settings and turn on debug logging. See if you can get a few crashes to export the logs and contact Corsair through the official support page. 

For now, you could try the standard repair install of CUE (Win settings, apps, click on Corsair iCUE, select modify). That is a harmless reinstall that won’t affect your settings. Anything unusual on your Nexus buttons?  Devices?

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