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ISSUE: [iCUE] K70 RGB mk.2 not saving and recalling Hardware Lighting

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Hardware lighting does not apply unless iCue is launched. This is despite saving the profile onto the first slot of the keyboard.

Device: K70 RGB MK.2

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open iCue
  2. Setup Hardware lighting for keyboard
  3. Go to Device Settings
  4. Save the profile with hardware lighting onto the first slot of the keyboard.
  5. Set same profile to Default in iCue
  6. Shut down computer
  7. Boot up computer

What should happen:

Keyboard should light up as per onboard profile


What actually happens:

Keyboard has no lighting, as if it was listening to Lighting Effects (which is blank) instead of Hardware Lighting.

I have to boot up iCue everytime to and go into Hardware Lighting to load up the effects I've saved onto the keyboard.

Also, whilst in iCue, if I click onto any other Corsair device, my Hardware Lighting disappears and I have to go back into the keyboard and select Hardware Lighting again to recall the settings.


Why this doesn't make sense:

Whenever I click away from Hardware Lighting, iCue itself says "save the current profile in your device memory if you want Hardware Lighting to work when iCue is off". That does not work.

What's the point of saving an onboard profile if you can't recall it after your turn off your computer or click anywhere else in iCue? 



This looks like a firmware or software issue, where saving an onboard profile seems to load Lighting Effects instead of Hardware Lighting. I've tested this by setting Lighting Effects and it does load that on start up. Hardware lighting needs a fix. 

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Yes! I am having the exact same issue. Although when I go into the Device settings and click on the "+" to add the default profile to slot #1 it does not save it properly. The prompt says "saving" and then disappears and does not load the profile to any slot. I have researched this for hours trying to troubleshoot and cannot figure it out.

The hardware lighting definitely needs a fix. 

One of the main reasons I bought this model was b/c of the ability to use the onboard profiles while I am connected to my work computer as I cannot have the Icue software running. I do not have any other lighting effects available at this time, just the standard red. 

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  • Corsair Employees

Open the Device Settings for your keyboard and then click the Clear All button. Once you have done that save the profile to the keyboard again.

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