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Mic input is TOO LOW! But Windows mic setting is maxed out... iCUE has no mic settings?!


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I need to increase my mic input. The default Windows settings are maxed out for microphone. 

What can I do? it's driving me crazy.

Only discord allows a lot of adjusting for the mic. But can't go any higher anywhere else in Windows.

I have the  VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

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The output-level of the HS80 mic (and Virtuoso Mics as well) is very low indeed (I get average -28dB on normal speaking volume).

Usually with this kind of low level, an additional signal boost is necessary to get a level that is usable, but the HS80 driver is not offering any boost option (neither in windows sound settings, nor in iCue software) and it seems it's the same deal with the Virtuoso headsets.

So Corsair completely relies on the individual software/app like Discord or Teamspeak to offer a feature for boosting the signal.

Luckily in Discord there is such a feature and it's called AGC (automatic gain control). You find it, when you scroll down a bit on the voice setting page in Discord.

To me this is not acceptable, as I want full control over my mic volume and I also use software like VoiP phone etc. that can not boost my mic on its own.
That's why I installed APO Equalizer and enabled it for my HS80 Playback and Recording device.
This way I can use a much better EQ for my playback sound (iCue EQ is not doing anything, as soon as APO takes over, which is fine) and I can either simply boost the mic Volume for ~14dB via APO or install the free reaper VST plugins and use a compressor/limiter with 16dB makeup gain on my mic and add a noise filter.

This way my mic signal is always solid/loud without clipping and this is system-wide on windows....so for all applications. AGC can now be turned off in Discord.




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