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ICUE 4.14.179 to 4.15.153 failed, feedback

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The updater had no status bar and did not appear to be doing anything. Canceled, it wiped out all my macros. Thankfully, I had backups, but this is a serious issue.

1. Is the installer supposed to have a status bar? Something showing percentage would be helpful.

2. I run as a Windows User account, but the app runs as administrator.

3. Would be nice for Corsair to include cloud support to automatically backup macros.

4. Make it easier to find old Corsair ICUE downloads. Yes, you can type it in manually, but some people are getting them from 3rd party websites which is less secure. The new links appear to be [code]https://downloads.corsair.com/Files/CUE/iCUESetup_X.XX.XXX_release.msi[/code]

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