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Been running an A100 for about a year now. I found the CPU AIO water pump would intermittently stop whether controlled by iCUE or the internal firmware settings, micro usb cable connected or disconnected.

Apparently Corsair will not sell the custom AIOs used in these systems! RMA is not even a consideration from my part of the world and from what I have read in the forums here.

I disassembled the A100 CPU AIO pump and found the circuit was the cause of the intermittent pump motor stoppage. I bought a H100i, gutted it and used the bits and pieces to build a working pump which I then reconnected to the A100 CPU radiator after bleeding off the introduced air in the loop. System is now refilled and runs much better than stock.

CPU AIO is SATA powered with speed going to the CPU Fan header. I extended the GPU AIO pump and coolant temperature sensor wires and connected them to the motherboard AIO and T_Sensor  respectively. Top fan (upgraded to ML140 Pro) is now connected to the chassis fan header. The BIOS is thus able to control the top fan based on CPU, GPU coolant, motherboard temperatures as needed. Psensor allows me to monitor the temps and fan speeds in Linux.

For Windows, Argus Monitor does a far better job than iCUE in fan control, monitoring etc.



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Nice repair work! It is good to know that one can replace the AIOs if they fail outside of warranty period! With the stock AIOs on Corsair One, can owners top off the fluid if it vaporizes over time?

Your choice of top fan is good. My Corsair One Pro came with that fan, I believe. 

Can you comment more about how Argus Monitor fan control is better than iCUE? While the current version is iCUE is quite good already for most heavy duty applications, it does not address some of my uses. I need to run some single-threaded software for hours. It does not stress GPU much. As a result, the CPU can run at 90-91C, but the fan speed does not increase. Apparently, the logic in iCUE fan control does not cover some of my use cases. 


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It is possible to top up and bleed the stock Corsair One AIOs using a make shift funnel fitting to the radiator. A roll pin holds the swivel coolant pipe in place in the fitting. It is better to run the aio pump off the pc but I did not have that time so took precautions not to splash a live motherboard. Another option is to open the circuit side cover and fill coolant far away from the motherboard through the AIO pump opening after taking out the circuit board and motor assembly.

I changed my top fan for the i182 too, the stock one was struggling with our warm ambient temperatures so maybe not all Pros have the ML140 Pro.

The custom curve options in Argus are more comprehensive than in iCUE. Argus also allows one to use one or more inputs for temperatures to control the top fan when it is connected to the motherboard fan headers.


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