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Corsair Vengeance i7200 - Long boot up time

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In the last week, I noticed the time it takes to get to the login screen has stretched to around 10-12 seconds.

It used to be around 2-3.

There seems to be a long time at the bios screen like I set it to give me more time to enter bios, etc.

After logging in, everything is normal.

Is there something I should check?

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Did you update the BIOS or change its settings? I think 10-12 seconds seem to be okay. I just got a brand new unit and it takes that long as well. One can disable some self tests in the BIOS to speed up the boot time. But It is probably not a good idea.

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My i7200 was literally unusable out of the box brand new I am send back for a refund and going NZXT 2 day turn around time and the pc works out of the box. Stay away from the corsair pre built complete trash imo. I had a blue screen out of the box with no way to access bios.

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