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Corsair M65 Elite Left click not working well,

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On 10/4/2021 at 10:25 PM, cowboy888 said:

Having a problem with my M65 RGB elite mouse. The left click button will work some of the time.  i have viewed the website and  did the cleaning but i am still haveing the same problem.

Hi there.  I had the exact same problem.  Did all the troubleshooting steps, and I can tell you now with absolute certainty that it is not software.  I think this mouse have the same issue that 12v contactors have.  The switch itself have some carbon buildup.  Normally on higher voltages this is not a problem as the carbon simply gets burned off by the higher current, but on low voltage it does not happen.  I opened up the mouse and took the bottom pc board out.  Inside is the switch and the cover on the switch comes off very easily, but take care not to drop the small blue plastic pin when opening.  I just sprayed the switch internals liberally with contact cleaner (could also be called electric cleaner or pcb cleaner.)  Not brake cleaner as it might eat into the plastic.  Mouse works perfectly now like the day it was bought.  Hope this helps someone out there.

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