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Harpoon RGB Wired Mouse [Side Buttons + DPI non functional]

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Hello, I am asking for some assistance in the issue I am having.

Device information:




The other day I went to use my MOUSE4 (forward side button), I noticed that it wasn't being detected. I have never installed iCue as the mouse has worked flawlessly without it.

The given solutions below are what I have tried, however they have not worked.

  • Applied 3 macros, retaining the original key input on: FORWARD, BACKWARDS, DPI buttons.
  • Disconnected the mouse, held down the side buttons, reconnected the mouse while still holding the buttons and waited for the flash
  • Moved it into a different USB socket
  • Uninstalled the mouse via Device manager, restarted and allowed it to re-install the default driver
  • Removed any traces of Corsair folders in localappdata, appdata and program files(x86) and Program Files also deleted everything via REGEDIT related to corsair
  • Disabling ClickFast in the mouse settings

After doing all of these and having no luck, there is one way I can get the mouse to work correctly, however it is for a very brief time (5-10 seconds)

By holding down the side buttons and allowing the flash to occur, they will work for a short period of time (5-10 seconds as listed above).


Does anyone else have any other solutions for me to try or shall I just spend the £19.99 and purchase a new one?


Thank you.

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