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iCUE motherboard sensors wrong/missing


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Where does iCUE pull its motherboard fan sensor information and is there a way to match it to the correct output from HWMonitor:


This output from HWMonitor is correct and matches the motherboard schematics.


iCUE does not include labels, it will populate with generic Fan 1, Fan 2, Fan 3, etc.

I have renamed the iCUE labels to the fan sensor on the motherboard.

CPU OPT is the H150i Pump, not sure why iCUE also thinks it is also a different fan sensor.

SYS FAN6 sensor is completely missing from ICUE:


Everything is working correctly, though I am confused as to why iCUE is missing a sensor and duplicating another.

Would prefer if iCUE had the correct info as I have it running to control the H150i, rather than starting HWMonitor to get the missing information.

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I'm wondering why you have six fan readings for the H150i. Do you have six fans connected to the H150i? What headers are those fans plugged into? CPU OPT is a fan header so HWiNFO and CUE are reading that correctly. What fans do you have you plugged into Sys fan 1 and 2? I don't know of many fans that reach 5150 RPM. 

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Could be a small 40mm VRM fan. some motherboards have them and they happily reach those speeds

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