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Corsair 500d RGB SE airflow


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Hey guys, sorry if this has already been asked. I’m a noob building my first PC. 
So I’ve got a 500d RGB SE case with a h115i cappellix AIO. 
I was planning on doing airflow with this configuration:

- 3 front fans as intake

- radiator on top as exhaust 

- single rear exhaust fans

However I’ve read on the AIO manual that it is advisable to have the radiator fans as intake fans. But this would leave me with only with a single rear exhaust fan. 

Should I move the radiator on the front (maybe returning the 115 and getting a 150) and using it as intake, with standard fans mounted on top and on the rear side. Will this improve the overall temperature inside the case? Thanks a lot for the help in advance.

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