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BSOD after memory upgrade to 2x16 GB Vengeance Pro DDR4 AMD tune

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Hey all,

I have just replaced my memory from a 2x8gb corsair vengeance pro kit to a 2x16gb corsair vengeance pro kit and i keep getting BSODs and i can only assume it's because of the new memory. Both kits are 3600mhz and both are AMD tuned (as i have a Ryzen system)

I have tried forcing the speed to be 3600 in the bios and defaulted the voltage to 1.35 which seemed to help with stability but i still get problems, especially when video editing (not tried games yet). Do I have a faulty kit? Any other things i can do/try?

Thanks in advance. 🙂


My system is:

- MSI MAG Mortar B550 (MS-7C94)

- Ryzen 5 3600

- 2x16GB corsair vengance rgb pro ddr4 (AMD tune)

- Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming

- 2x Samsung 1tb NVMe

- 1x Samsung 1tb SSD

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