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Corsair H115I FAN option problem


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I have an issue. So, I have custom option for FAN in iCUE. But when I start gaming, and temperature goes upto 60 degrees, FANS and Pump start going extreme mode and goes 2200 RPM and 3090 RPM pump EVEN THO I have picked in custom curve less FAN RPM. It still ignores my option and goes wild at 60 degrees. How to change that? 


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your fan curve is too low.

60° is the coolant temperature and it should never go that high. at 60° the controller takes over because you passed the alarm threshold and it forces cooling down the water.

Remember that water temperature is not equivalent to CPU temperature. it will always be way lower.

Arbitrary figures : under load you may see CPU temp close to 70° and your water temp in the 40 - 45° range. that's more in line with what your fan curve should do.

Maybe aim for a maximum fan speed at 50° and go down from there.


Now if the water heats up too fast, there are other things to consider, like if the AIO is set to intake or exhaust. If the GPU dumps its heat through the AIO with its fans set as exhaust, it will warm up fast, and of course the fans will ramp up.

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It’s maxing out because you are 10-20C past the critical limit of the liquid temperature (H115i Temp). You are at 60C now and that’s not possible from environmental factors. I suspect you have a partial blockage and this AIO has had its day. If you are still in the 5 year warranty period, contact Corsair Support. 

That specific model always had an issue with the maxing out past the last data point. The trick is to set one data point up at 50C so it would stick to assigned values past 40C. However, that’s not the case here and this is how most AIOs end their life cycle. 

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