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Echo feedback vibration sounding in Corsair Virtuoso RGB XT wireless headphones

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I have headphones less than a week (Purchased from Amazon UK) and today they started like an echo feed back of vibration in my ears, thinking it was just me I tried different sounds and then powered them off for a couple of hours, then came back to them.

When play the windows 10 speaker sound, i.e. click on it on different volume levels to hear the tone, it is like vibration sound in the ear speakers.

Logged a ticket with Corsair, reckon, i go back to Amazon and get them to replace them or get corsair to RMA back to them

£248.99 pound headsets and less than a week already got a problem with them.

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now looking into this, could be the Corsair ST100 RGB headset stand, receiver plugged into the laptop direct, Amazon going to check with me on Monday to see what it is like, i will be well annoyed if it is the headset, as Corsair advertise the wireless receiver plugged into the headset stand

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