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Corsair Virtuoso not disappearing after turned off


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After I bought my Corsair Virtuoso I actually liked the feature where the Virtuoso disappeared from the Windows Media Center and it automatically switched to my monitor speaker. When turning on the Virtuoso it appeared and switched automatically from my normal speakers to the headset.
But the problem now is, that I think since the firmware update where yall had the issue with the headset not connecting anymore this feature disappeared. I got a fixed Firmware and recently the ICUE sowftware had another firmware update for the Virtuoso but still the feature is gone. Now after turning off my headset I have to switch manually from headset to speaker and its just annoying.

Anyone some suggestions?

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I'm surprised that you had that automatic switching behavior before. As long as the USB dongle is connected to the computer, the computer recognizes the headset...not matter if the headset itself is on or off. Therefore it can switch to a different soundcard, after you power off the headset. You usually must unplug the dongle for windows to recognize, that the device is gone and go back to your other default sound device.

I'm not sure, but maybe the behavior is different if the dongle is configured for multi point or playstation (you can change that in iCue).

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