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Wish list for iCUE


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I really like the new iCUE, runs very smooth for me without any issues.  But I would really like corsair to implement some things:

1. In the "Arc" effect (which I really like) I would like to have the option to make the transitions of the colors slower.   Right now you can change the speed of the effect but it also slows down the whole effect, I only want to make the transitions slower, making the effect staying more time in each color.

2. Thing that's already been requested before, but please add Min/ Max for the dashboard temperature sensors, and make it for the whole session not just for 1 minute.

Shouldn't be that hard to record and store the minimum and maximum temperature, it's only two changing variables..   just like in HWinfo.


Those are the critical for now (the second is more critical obviously).  Maybe will update later.   And you guys can update this if you want.





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