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I had XMS twinx 3200 modules (2x256 MB) in my system working correctly for at least 8 months.

Later I found a great deal on a 1 GB Corsair Value Select (2x512 kit) so i put those in my other 2 memory slots (total 1.5 GB )

That worked fine for about a month until I installed something I shouldn't have (Norton 2005 of questionable legality, I have since learned my lesson, will go to the store and buy it). I ended up not able to boot into normal or safe mode, so I tried booting from XP cd. Anytime I entered the recovery console, or tried to press enter to get to the EULA, I would get one of 4 errors (or the system would just reboot suddenly with no error).





Stop x000000......


all would say "beginning dump of physical memory"


I ended up writing zeros to my hard drive but that did not help, so then I knew for sure it was the memory. I removed the 2 XMS chips (leaving me with 2x512 value select) and I was able to install windows, and have not had any problems since. Does this mean:

a) the XMS chips have gone bad

b) XMS and value select chips do not work well together when installing windows


C) XP setup does not run well with a large amount of memory (from what I found, should be able to use up to 4 GB)


??? Thanks

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Well you should not Mix memory on any MB, especially one that supports dual channel. But can you tell me the complete part# and revision of all of the modules and the make and model of MB and the CPU speed and its FSB as well as the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory?
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