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Suggestion about cooling VRM MOS now using Hydro H115i Platinum Liquid cooler


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Since I switched from the stock air cooler to the Hydro H115i Platinum liquid cooler I have seen the VRM MOS temps exceed 212° F on my MB. Prior to the Liquid cooler the CPU fan blew a ton of air on the VRM MOS now it is no longer there.

I have plenty of air flow through case just not directly on that part as it sits behind the DDR4 and the Water pump block unit.

I am super happy to say my i7-10700K running at full 5.1Ghz on all 8 cores and rarely goes above 100° F and if so just for short stints. But the (To Me) extremely high VRM MOS has me concerned.


Thank you

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To be honest, 212°F (100°C) is hot, but not exactly extreme. the VRM can happily take it all day long. That said, i wonder why it goes that thigh to begin with if there's a heatsink on top of it. Do you have a motherboard where they are bare?

If not, maybe you're really pushing the overclock. 5.1Ghz is not hard to achieve without pushing the Vcore too high. If you have too much voltage under load, it may heat up if the heatsink is "symbolic".


But again, you may start to experience shutdowns maybe somewhere around the 300°F mark, depending on what exact VRM it is.

so 212 is not really a concern but you may want to check your overclock settings, see if you can reduce power draw.

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