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SP 120 RGB ELITE + Corsair Commander Pro


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are the sp120 rgb elite fans 3 pin rgb or 4 pin rgb?

also, are they 3 or 4 pin pwm fans?

my asus rog b550 a motherboard only has 1 x 3 pin rgb header and 2 x 4 pin headers.

because i also have a h150i elite capellix, it comes with a commander pro.

how many rgb fans can that connect to?


all help is greatly appreciated 🙂

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the Elite are 4 pin PWM fans.

DO NOT plug the RGB connectors in the 4 pin motherboard RGB headers, it would fry the LEDs 🙂 they are 5V ARGB, and the 4 pin headers are 12V analog rgb. 

The Capellix AIOs come with a Commander Core that can accomodate 6 fans total, so you can connect 3 more fans to it on a H150i

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No reason to use your MB RGB headers. Besides frying the RGB on the fans, the best you could ever do is make the fans act like 1 long RGB strip. You have the hardware and you want the CUE lighting features designed for the fans geometric layout. 

The SP-Elite are designed to match the Ml-Elite that come with the AIO. The Commander Core has PWM and RGB control for 6. 

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