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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE issues on Mac

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I purchased a Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE for improving my online meeting quality on Mac. I asked Corsair in chat on this website, and they recommended this model.

I have a 16" Macbook Pro, with MacOS Big Sur. 

Unboxed, installed iCUE for Mac (3.38.61), and faced the following issues:

  • Video call via Facebook Messenger app (wireless mode): could hear the other participant on the left speaker only
  • Video call via Google Meet using Safari with the headset connected via the 3.5mm Jack cable: the other participant could hear themselves via an echo.
  • Video call via Google Meet using Safari and Chrome (wireless mode): Works, but after a while stopped working: could not hear the other participant, but they could hear me. Checked the audio settings in Meet, Virtuoso headset was still selected for both input and output. Sometimes the microphone goes off as well. This happened multiple times. Sometimes I could fix it by closing iCUE and force-quit the Corsair audio driver from task manager.

So I uninstalled iCUE.

  • During a call I muted the mic using the mute button on the headset itself, but after a while it suddenly turned itself back on.
  • During the same call, Meet switched the output and input to another device (the previously used one). Could not switch it back.
  • The sidetone functionality is effectively not working without iCUE. I can turn it on (long-press the mic button on the headset), could hear the tone, but nothing changes. I can confirm that the sidetone is on by scratching the microphone, so I can hear the scratch, but it's volume is too low, can't hear myself back. In iCUE, the default setting was the lowest, but could change it, so the sidetone worked. But without iCUE this functionality simply don't work.

Is this something an iCUE and firmware update could fix? Should I simply send it back or is it faulty?

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I opened a ticket with Support also as none of the pairing or EQ settings work with the iCue version they have for Macs on their website. Version 3.38.61

Some forums are saying this is not the latest software but its not available to download.

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