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iCue 4.15.153 mouse pad calibration never ends


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Start the surface calibration

Drag the thing around in a circle with the correct speed

White bar fills up as you're doing it but then never stops with a 'done' message

You can carry on for 5 mins and as soon as you stop get a calibration failed message

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Hey dloneranger67...

I just test the surface calibration with my Scimitar pro and everything seems to be working...

Just to understand something.... the process percentage show something or stays in 0%?

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Something similar happens to me - I consistently get the dial in the middle when calibrating (BTW supposed to be a spiral, not a circle), then get to 99% and the mouse shoots off the area and I get the calibration failed message.

The calibration is not very intuitive, especially for the tilt gestures on my MG65 RGB ULTRA.

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