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Vengeance RGB freezing and causing computer lag


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Hello, I bought a 4x8gb 2666MHz Vengeance RBG Pro ram kit but in the BIOS and everywhere else it says the speed is 2133 and my RGB effects freeze up almost every time I use my PC. Its not instant, its usually after half an hour to hours of using the computer the effects freeze and stays there until I shut down my pc. My computer also has random little freezes every few minutes of just any usage. Its like a half second to one second lag where my mouse and everything else freezes real quick. I'm not an expert on how RAM works but I'm fairly confident its the RAM causing that problem. What I am wondering is that is my RAM not fast enough for my CPU? My CPU is the Ryzen 7 3800XT (not currently overclocked), when I look up recommended ram for this cpu it says above 3000mhz. These problems started to arise when I updated to the new big ICUE update, ICUE 4.0 I think its called. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? Its been going on for months and I cannot figure out what it is I don't know if its software or hardware.

BIOS is at latest version

all ICUE firmware at latest versions

I posted this in the ICUE software section a few days ago but it didn't receive much attention so I will try here.

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