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physical damage rma request?

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I have had a Corsair TwinX 512mb memory set for over a year, with no problems to speak of. (CMX256A-3200C2)


When pulling the ram out to switch from one motherboard to another, I had a couple of the miniscule copper pieces fall off of one of the sticks. I attempted to try the ram regardless, and had the computer boot up recognizing both dual channel and 512mb of ram. It was noticably better than using a single stick of 256mb, but it appears to have been unstable as it forced a reboot.


Ironically, the copper pieces missing are on the 16th from the end of each side.


Just thought I'd see if there is a possibility for a fix or RMA. Otherwise it's going to make a fine keychain LOL. Thanks!


edit: damaged ram says XMS3203v1.2 with 0404016 underneath. if applicable, bios settings on both motherboards were the default.


Andrew //r3s3t

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